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  1. Dauntless Cheat Impressions Pros listed underneath (Main functions I use marked with *) -Magic aimbot (Automatically targets behemoth parts and generally does not fail)* -No Recoil (Repeaters only, works flawlessly) -Aimbot (Only truly useful on repeaters as it's not hard to land a hit with a melee weapon) [Amazingly functional, no quarrels here) -MVspeed hack (Self-explanatory, easy to speed run/jump straight towards your target or collect the materials you want)* -DMG Multiplier (Quintuple your dmg, works great)* -Attack Speed (Works Great up to x5, have not had any good runs with anything above 5.5, dmg does not register and if it does, not well)* -ESP (Works great, covers the entire map revealing the Behemoth/World Items such as ore or Skyblossoms)* -Auto Loot (Works great, no need to explain)* -Empowered Repeater/Spam Right Click(Works as the name says, it's fucking awesome!)* Semi-Cons listed underneath -Sometimes the magic aimbot stops working and parts no longer receive dmg (NOTE: Can be fixed by disabling magic dmg and re-enabling it) Cons listed underneath -Occasional black screen when loading into a match (Happens on the first hunt you attempt, minor issue) Overall rating: 9.5/10