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  1. will see if I can bring it back
  2. its currently not available
  3. you can add the items using pc, or you can pm me to arrange something
  4. it's pretty safe but there is always a risk
  5. check your email after purchase
  6. yes its legit and none has been banned for it
  7. Dauntless Cheat As you may already know Dauntless recently updated with EasyAntiCheat integration. Unfortunately that makes our job of updating and maintenance the cheat hard while keeping user's accounts safe is a challenge. We will be discontinuing support of Dauntless AwesomeCheat until further notice. We will definitely revisit Dauntless AwesomeCheat in the future so we might surprise you with a v2 soon. Future plans and new cheats We plan on adding new games and expanding our collection. We currently have under development an Albion Online bot (with an EAC bypass) that you might see in few months. As for a short term plan we plan on working on cheats for new games (if you have any suggestions you can contact us). Compensation We will be offering compensation to any users with more than 15 days left of Dauntless AwesomeCheat subscription. You can choose either partial refund based on days left or Dauntless Platinum. You can check our Platinum packages here: . Wait... but there is more! In the coming days we will be expanding our Dauntless Shop with more items that will be available for purchase for heavily discounted prices. Items that will come soon: limited armor sets (founders, collector edition...), trials currency, rams currency, item boosts, flares and more. sneak peak 😉
  8. Update 2019/7/9 Dauntless Cheat added god mode (invulnerability) added permanent behemoth health bar (configurable under Visuals -> Behemoth ESP) added color blind mode for selected part (configurable under Visuals -> Behemoth ESP) added font scale for behemoth selected part name (configurable under Visuals -> Behemoth ESP)
  9. Update 2019/6/29 Dauntless Cheat bug fix, jump height now properly gets disabled
  10. Update 2019/6/28 Dauntless Cheat added player highlight (configurable under Visuals -> Player ESP) added no afk kick (configurable under Misc -> disable afk timer)
  11. Update 2019/6/27 Dauntless Cheat updated for latest patch