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  1. There is no cheat anymore :) You can only purchase items.
  2. Wow, I read everything...and I find all of your questions understandable and very interesting... But you know, maybe you are asking to yourself a lot of questions about this tools but the first manner of this one wasn't items data injection but 90% people who hangs around here are definitely wait for the exploit/cheat tools to come back. Item Injection is a good thing to make people wait...more patient and loyal, to make "customer retain". The fact that this tool inject plates, skin, aces... is pretty cool but it's not what people expected when they came here the first time... When Dauntless came to release, it wasn't geared with the EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) features and i've been around a lot of forum about injection/cheat-engine/mod menu, every people made that very clear - "If there is EAC System, it's over...No one will see a cheat engine or a mod menu trick ever" So as you did, i've find myself contacting Stefsot and asked him if it's true...and if there is any chance to see the hack tools strike back, and we will maybe have a surprise to come on the new year... Anyway, if you have precise questions, feel free to send him a private message :)
  3. We all do... I've personally stopped this game until something which make it really fun show up... Because at the moment, it's driving me completly nuts.... So instead of waiting for something that may never be released, i prefer play another game ;)