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  1. Hee-ho ! I'm a somewhat curious person, what got me to even buy here in the first place was the idea that my curiosity would cost me five bucks, but I needed to know if that was an actual thing. Well it was, much to my surprise, so all's well. So now I'm starting to get interested on some more technical details. If some topics are a bit touchy due to matters pertaining to giving away the process in which the client operates, I will fully understand if my questions do not meet answers. Anyway, let's start with this. What makes the selection of items, really ? As in, what makes an item available and what makes an item unavailable to smuggle in ? I'm guessing it has something to do with injecting a data reference - a number or something like that, can't really tell it better - but basically, the question is, is the meat of making these items available finding the correct data reference, or is it finding a way to smuggle said items ? Related to the first question, how do you test whether something gets successfully injected ? I doubt you have a dummy server to experiment on as a side asset, so how does that work exactly ? Do you have a bank of dummy accounts to do tests on, is it purely theoretical and virtually fool-proof, tested a few times for safety's sake and then released to the public ? For the next one, I'll assume my data reference hypothesis is correct : if you can smuggle in outfits, weapon skins, currencies and the likes, is there a difference between those and, say, hunt arrivals, banner plants or anything like this ? I noticed that while a lot of hunt pass content is available, none of it includes non-transmog items. Logic would say they are treated as items as well, since the process of acquisition is denoted through the UI as an item, but the absence of anything such in the shop would suggest it's not. Does it come from technical limitations, or just low priority on the list ? Lastly, I believe this is purely on the hypothetical field for both sides, but do you think, if some content is pre-patched then later made public, that your tool could be able to provide it earlier than a public release if provided with the right information - most likely datamining ? That's not a request or anything, just some inquiring on the odds of being able to do it. Well, this has been a long post but trust me, I thought this would be a longer one. Here's to hoping me nerding out on this tool will bring you a little smile, a bit of motivation to keep it going and bring me something to fill a bit of my bottomless hunger for knowledge. Cheers !